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My Top 3 Albums

This is my fourth blog post now so I thought it would be a nice idea if I shared with you my top 5 favourite albums. It’s a hard one to do seeing as there is so much good music out there but here it goes; Continue reading


TRNSMT Festival

So T in the Park isn’t happening this year. I myself was quite upset at the news but at the same I wasn’t very surprised. The past two years have really taken to light the downsides of the festival. It’s not all just music and fun. That’s not to say we didn’t have a great time, there was just points where I’d of ratherbeen in my bed instead of waking up in a cold muddy tent to more rain and tinnies. Continue reading

Review: Red Hot Chili Pepper @The Hydro 8/12/16

After a long waited return to Scotland the Red hot Chili Peppers Played the Hydro with a show that will not be forgotten.

For those who could afford a ticket, they left knowing their money was well spent. After a strange but interesting support from Baby Metal the Peppers took to the stage. Opening with their classic “Can’t stop”, they had already left the audience in awe after their musical talent poured into the crowd and an incredible lighting display  lit up the whole Hydro.

The set followed a nice balance of old classics and the new. Even songs from their new album  throwing the crowd into applause. The band burst through their hits such as “The Zephyr Song”, Californication”, “Under the Bridge” and finishing with “Give it away”.  No one left disappointed.

What really impressed everyone though was the lighting show they put on. Hundreds of cylinders were levitating through the Hydro changing colours every few seconds. Each song would have a different set of colours and movements from the cylinders that would go in time with the song.

Fans left the Hydro overwhelmed by the performance they had seen. With little communication to the crowd the Chili Peppers still spoke to audience in a way that not many bands can do.