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Review: Slaves at the Barrowlands 18/11/16

Walking into the Barrowlands is always a treat, no where else quite captures that sheer rock element that the Barrowlands does. So when a punk band like slaves come to play you know your in for a good night.

The clashing style of punks and mods filled up the room until finally the lights went down and the punk due from Kent walked out on the stage. The crowd was thrown into uproar as the opening riff for their song “Hey” ripped through the crowd.

The rest of their set contained songs mostly from their new album “Take Control” which proved to be very popular with the crowd which saw them moshing and screaming to songs such as “Hypnotize” and “Rich Man”. They also played crowd favourites from their albums. “Cheer up London” and “The Hunter”  that always have the crowd bouncing and crowd surfing to a point where security look as if they’ve lost all control of the wave of punk angst.

It always is a pleasure seeing Slaves live. The chemistry between Isaac Holman and and Laurie Vincent  really stands out and the energy they give out is replicated in the crowd. Their performance at the Barrowlands really showed why they deserve to be playing venues like that. With the reaction they got you can be sure to see Slaves playing in Glasgow again in no time