Finally, On the 24th of of February Stormzy will release his debut album Gang Signs and Prayer. The long awaited debut album will finally drop and people cannot wait, including myself.

The 23 year old artist from London has fairly made a mark on the British music scene let alone the grime scene itself. His single “Shut up” came out late 2015 and since then has earned a place in the UK top ten and dominated late night club scenes. Also known for his songs Wicked Skengman 4 and Know me From. He’s powered through holiday locations such as Ibiza and Malia etc and has already had his fair share of festival appearances.

Now he his finally releasing an album. He has already proven himself as one of the most famous grime rappers and his name can be heard among other massive names such as Skepta and Wiley. He’s been around a lot less then other grime rappers who’s origins are from the mid 2000’s but recently with the rise in grime more artists are getting noticed and the genre is exploding into the mainstream.

What I love about Stormzy is the way he approaches his songs. He takes on a light funny tone at points but still delivers with all the strength and power that grime has. His single “Big for your boots” has been released and gives us an insight on what to expect with the rest of the album. It’s bouncy and has that flow that stormzy rides along with when he raps

I have high hopes for this album and cannot wait to see what Stormzy has in store for us but I can bet it will go down in Grime history.


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