Mac Demarco: New Songs along with Announcement of Album

Mac Demarco, the wacky, viseroy smoking singer/songwriter has just announced his 3rd studio album “This old Dog” which will be released the 5th of May 2017. Along with the announcement he also hared two new songs which will be on the album-“This old Dog” and “My Old Man”.

After listening to the new songs I must say I’m impressed. They stick to the classic Demarco sound, laid back, trippy and very easy listening. They have that still being up at 5  in the morning feeling, which from Mac I wouldn’t ask for anything more. Out of the two songs I definitely prefer “My Old Man”. Both songs sound similar however “My Old Man” makes you feel like you could go for a nice stroll where as “My Old Dog” makes you want to lie down and have a nice nap. Th song is slow and laid back and really doesn’t get any faster or louder through out it, perfect when you’ve just woken up hangin.

From the two songs we’ve heard we can already get an idea of what his next album is going to be like, and if the rest of the songs match the ones he’s just released then I’m sure we’ll be pleased with the outcome in May. Mac has also announced some shows that he will be playing at the Newcastle Academy on August 29 and Edinburgh Usher Hall on August 30.

“My Old Man”-

“That Old Dog”-


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