My Top 3 Albums

This is my fourth blog post now so I thought it would be a nice idea if I shared with you my top 5 favourite albums. It’s a hard one to do seeing as there is so much good music out there but here it goes;

3. The Money Store- Death Grips

There are very few groups that sound similiar to Death Grips as their so unique and experimental, you really don’t know what your away to hear. The money store (their first studio album) was released in 2012 and it is one of the most hard hitting albums I’ve heard. From the opening lines on their first track “Get Got” to the pounding bass in their last track “Punk Weight”, the whole album really is a punch in the face.

2. Royal Blood (self titled)- Royal Blood

For only having two people in the band this album sounds so much bigger than you’d expect. Each song is powered through with such force and leaves you blown away; “Out of the black”, “figure it out” and “Ten Ton Skeleton” to name a few. This album sky rocketed Royal Blood into the charts with its hard hitting heavy rock sound that just explodes through your speakers.

1. Nevermind- Nirvana

Pretty Cliche but there is something about this album that is just unbelievable. Cobain’s harsh vocals and grungy guitar lead an album of massive grunge songs. A landmark album in rock music in general this album has everything you want. With a more mainstream sound than their previous record, Nevermind delivers with fast and loud punk screamers such as “Lithium”, “Territorial Pissings” and the classic “Smells like Teen Spirit”. You even have a nice break with the acoustic song “Polly”. It really did deserve the hype it got.





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