Limp Bizkit and Korn at The hydro, Glasgow 14/12/16

I must say when I discovered that limp bizkit and Korn were going to tour together I always expected it would be a great night. Korn would headline the tour for their latest album “The Serenity of Suffering” and Limp Bizkit would provide support after the first act Madball came off.

Limp Bizkit are one of those bands you either love or you hate. Probably doesn’t help that the lead singer Fred Durst speaks a load of crap (which he did at points in the night). However no one really cared about that, as Limp Bizkit unloaded a set filled with hits such as “Rollin’ (air raid vehicle)”, “My way” and of course “Break Stuff”. Limp bizkit knew what the crowd wanted and they definitely delivered. it was a set filled with greatest hits that you new every single word too.

After a quick break to get your breath back after all the pitting and bouncing after limp bizkit. Korn would present themselves on stage with a massive bang of drums and guitar. You could feel the drums pounding at your chest. I’m gonna admit that I knew a lot more Limp Bizkit songs than Korn. However Korn definitely put on a better show. Playing songs from their new album and their old and also celebrating  the 20th anniversary of their 1996 album “Life is Peachy”, they had a lot in store for their fans. I also thought the wall of death half way through was a nice touch too the night.

Some people may think that moshing with sweaty metal heads listening to someone scream the venue down isn’t very appealing but seeing both Limp Bizkit and Korn in the same night was a pleasure.


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